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Looking Through You

Looking Through You

The Yeah You’s (incase you haven’t heard!) are a very talented duo, called Nick Ingram (vocals, guitar) and Mike Kintish (vocals, piano). It is very inspiring to see them creating music that is original and different to most music around these days… and quite frankly brilliant!

Their musical style has been likened to The Feeling, Mika, Queen, ELO, The Hoosiers and Pet Shop Boys, and they collaborated with Tinchy Stryder on a track called ‘Shine’ on the EP of their debut single ’15 Minutes’.
Make Your Own Kind Of Music called up Nick from The Yeah You’s ahead of the release of their debut album ‘Looking Through You’ (out this Monday) to give you an insight into the band and their new album.

Did you work with a producer on the album?

Yes. We worked with Greg Wells, he’s worked with Mika. We produced about half of the album with him, and spent about 8 weeks in LA. We did five tracks with him. We learnt a lot from Greg and when we got back from LA the other 6 or seven songs were produced by us.

The Yeah You’s is a bit of an unusual name, how and why did you pick it?

Literally because our mates used to say “you alright” and we’d say “yeah, you?” and it became a bit of a joke between Mike and me. We liked the idea of having “the” at the beginning. So The Yeah You’s doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s based on that phrase.

Who would you say are your main musical influences, and what was your favourite song growing up?

Tears For Fears, Duran Duran, Madness, Police, Beach Boys – particularly for their harmonies, I’m obsessed with harmonies! And in terms of more modern bands, The Feeling and Mika. Growing up I was a massive Queen fan – Freddie Mercury was my performing idol. Mike’s favourite album was Graceland by Paul Simon.

Nick Ingram (Left) and Mike Kintish (Right)

Nick Ingram (Left) and Mike Kintish (Right)

When, where and how did you meet? What inspired you to form the band?

I used to be an actor, Mike’s done loads of different projects. Mike had written a play and they wanted someone to do a reading, and someone suggested my name. We went to a pub afterwards and we got talking and realised that we liked the same kind of music and decided to write a song together. We were pleased with what we came up with. But at the time we had no real idea that we were gonna be in a band.

How long has it taken to get a record deal since forming the band?

We formed properly in October or November 2006 and we were signed by May 2008, so about a year and a half.

Is there a main theme with the album?

They come from our experiences. I think a lot of good songs come from the writers experiences, so it’s a lot about the way we see the world. Then it’s easy for the audience to relate to it, especially with Getting Up With You. And there’s not much point trying to be something which you’re not.

Getting Up With You

Getting Up With You

 Where did the title ‘Looking Through You’ come from?

The idea of looking through someone into their world. We were doing a photo shoot, and the song ‘I’m Looking Through You’ by The Beatles came on the radio, which is one of my favorite songs. The artwork for the singles and the album are of invisible people. So we thought it’d be a good name.

You’ve been playing a few festival gigs recently and supported The Script – which has been your favourite venue, and what do you love about playing live?

We’ve done some amazing places! We supported the Script in Newcastle,  it was an a gorgeous day, the sun was out, and it was amazing to look down and see people joining in with 15 minutes.

I feel most comfortable on stage, I’ve always wanted to be a performer.

15 Minutes

15 Minutes

Which songs do you feel have gone down best with the crowds?

’15 Minutes’ is the one most people know as it’s been played on the radio so much. Of the songs that haven’t been released, ‘Ready To Love Again’, which will be our third single, gets people going and ‘Clifftop’, which is one of our favorites, people seem to really respond to it.

You covered ‘Ordinary World’ by Duran Duran on Getting Up With You – EP – what made you choose that song?

We did a live session on Radio 2 with Dermot O’ Leary, for the Great British Song Book. We went through a few obvious songs like some Beatles songs, but we decided to do Ordinary World, and it went down really well with people, so we decided to put it on Getting Up With You.

Can you give our readers one random fact about each of you?

I got down to the last 20 in the second series of Fame Academy.

Mike is a genius! He went to Oxford and has a first class honours degree in French and German.

 Describe the album in about 20 words!

‘Looking Through You’ is full of catchy up tempo pop songs which make people happy and want to sing along!’

Well, you’ve heard it from Nick, but why not find out for yourselves!

Visit The Yeah You’s website

Watch 15 Minutes, The Yeah You’s debut single…

… and their new single Getting Up With You

Looking Through You is available for Pre-order on  Amazon, Play , HMV and iTunes, and will be in all good music stores from Monday.


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As I’m sure you are all aware, earlier this week, Keisha Buchanan was forced out of the Sugababes. She was the only member of the band who was still from the original Sugababes line-up.

There are now no original members in Sugababes. They are not the same band! They have formed a completely new girl band! And yet, they still have the same name! I feel sorry for Sugababes fans, because unfortunately, “Sugababes” is no longer a band – it’s a franchise.

The new Sugababes line-up

The new Sugababes line-up

This does of course pose a few questions. How much longer can this go on? Will the so called “Sugababes” still be going when the original members are dead and gone? And ultimately, are the Sugababes indestructible?

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As it was Dan Gillespie Sells’ birthday yesterday, I think it’s only fitting that a Feeling song is song of the week this week. So, this weeks song of the week is…

I Thought It Was Over by The Feeling

I Thought It Was Over

Where to begin?!

Well, firstly it’s one of the only songs which springs to mind, that I have never got bored of. I don’t think the moment has ever occurred when this has come on my MP3 player and I’ve thought “I don’t want to listen to this right now”. That in itself is an achievement!

Having recently been learning to play this on keyboard, I’m really appreciating just how beautifully structured it is! It’s barely been out of my head in weeks, and I’m loving it!

As a massive fan of The Feeling, nothing compares to standing on the front row at a gig, (the first time I’ve ever been right at the front for a gig!) hearing the first few bars of “I Thought It Was Over” and watching in awe as “the wall comes down” to reveal The Feeling! Such wonderful memories! x

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Just a quick note to say that today is the birthday of a truly amazing musician (in my opinion, the greatest!), Dan Gillespie Sells of The Feeling.

Dan Gillespie Sells, Ipswich Regent, 05/11/08

Dan Gillespie Sells, Ipswich Regent, 05/11/08

His music has really influenced me and changed my life (I might not even be writing this blog if it wasn’t for him!) Have a great day Dan! x


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