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‘Just Say Yes’ will be the first single from Snow Patrol’s first compilation album ‘Up To Now’, which will be released in November. The single will be released 2nd November.

Since 2006 it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Snow Patrol. And if you still haven’t – where have you been!? Snow Patrol’s first two albums consisted mostly of punk music, then Final Straw saw a more epic and rocky side to the band with hits such as the ‘Run’, and in their later albums they continued to develop this genre, creating beautiful and iconic hits such as ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Crack The Shutters’. What will their new single have in store for us?

Snow Patrol - Up To Now

Wow! Snow Patrol have gone electronica… and I love it! The brilliant thing about ‘Just Say Yes’,  is that it’s what I would describe as a classic Snow Patrol song, but with glitter and star dust sprinkled all over it! It still has everything that we love about Snow Patrol, but with that added, uplifting something, which gives me such a warm feeling in my heart! It’s the most pop sounding Snow Patrol song there has been to date, and it seems to me that this band just gets better and better.

I literally cannot stop listening to it. I try my best to give a first impression of the singles and albums I review, so I try not to listen to them much more than I need to until I have reviewed them. But every time it finishes I just can’t help myself listening to it again!

My only criticism is that during the verses, Gary Lightbody often sounds  as if he is about to fall asleep (but like I said, it is just like classic Snow Patrol!). At least he wakes up in the choruses though!

To sum up, ‘Just Say Yes’ is a wonderful testament to Snow Patrol’s 11 year career. It is clear to see how this band have matured right from the very first album back in 1998 to now, and it brings a tear to my eye. All Snow Patrol Fans: you will LOVE this song! ‘Just Say Yes’ will make everyone want to say ‘yes’!

Another perfect way to sum this song up would be (to use the words of Snow Patrol themselves) : ‘mums and dads of the world be patient with your children’ because one day, they will truly flourish!



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‘Looking Through You’ by The Yeah You’s was released Monday 28th September.

The Yeah You’s are two fantastic musicians, Nick Ingram and Mike Kintish, you can read my interview with Nick here.  Their music is instantly likeable, and ultimately, the audience can relate to it. This is something which I have always thought is important in good song writing – the best music always comes from the heart!

Looking Through You

‘Looking Through You’ contains some brilliant upbeat, classic pop tracks (with gorgeous harmonies!) such as ’15 Minutes’, ‘Getting Up With You’ and ‘Clifftop’. ‘Getting Up With You’ is a prime example of the audience being able to relate to the music – ‘I didn’t wanna get out of bed this morning’ is exactly the way everyone feels on a Monday morning!

‘Ready To Love Again’ (set to be the band’s third single) has what I like to call “The Spitting Feathers Factor”, so called because when I first heard ‘Spitting Feathers’ by The Feeling, I knew literally from the first few seconds that it was going to be amazing. This has since only happened with two other songs – ‘Resistance’ by Muse and ‘Ready To Love Again’. It’s difficult to describe the feeling you get listening to this song with any words other than YES! It also boasts some fantastic Queen-style harmonies.

The album also contains two ballads, ‘If I’d Only Said Hello’ and ‘It’s Happening To Me’, which could easily have been hits from Take That, or OneRepublic. In fact I’d go so far as to say ‘If I’d Only Said Hello’ could be the sequel to ‘Hello’ by Take That! Both tracks have a similar feel to songs like ‘The Circus’ and ‘I’d Wait for Life’.  The line “It always happens to someone else, but now it’s happening to me” from ‘It’s Happening To Me’ is another classic example of relating to the audience – it’s so true of the way people think!

The whole time I was listening, I was trying to think of how to criticise the album. The best I came up with is as follows: If you don’t like good pop music, this isn’t for you.

So basically, anyone who loves The Feeling, Queen, Mika, Take That, Supertramp,or any classic pop music, this album is definitely for you! It is a wonderful example of the perfect pop record.


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