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12-year-old *ahem* 15-year-old Justin Bieber, who could very well be mistaken for a modern-day version of Little Jimmy Osmond, released the first part of his debut album ‘My World’ in November last year with Island records. The second part of the album is expected this March. Can Justin Bieber prove that age isn’t necessarily wisdom with ‘One Time’?

It’s Disney gone R&B! His style could probably be described as a mix of Eoghan ‘Eggnog’ Quigg and Usher – very strange indeed! But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Despite the fact that his voice has not yet broken, Bieber actually has a good voice! The song follows a typical R&B structure, which ordinarily would seem generic, but the novelty element is how cheesy the record is whilst it still retains that R&B style. 

So, lets not sniff at his young age. I have to admit that I’m surprised at how well he has done with his debut, working with writers such as Usher and Christopher ‘Tricky’ Stewart on the album and reaching number 11 in the UK singles chart with ‘One Time’. So for that reason, unlike so many who have dismissed him because of his age, I do respect Justin Bieber as a serious artist.

Taking into consideration that this song is not really the genre that I would usually find myself listening to, ‘One Time’ does strike me as being something a little bit different from the usual drab that dominates the charts. Having said that though, I can equally see how it can easily become annoying.



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Glee, cult American *High School Musical The Second* TV show which has swept the nation has released it’s debut single – a cover of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin”. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great song, but since Joe McElderry sung it on X Factor, it seems that we just cannot get away from it! I wouldn’t mind as I love the song, but it wasn’t even a particularly good cover, very mediocre. But anyhow, this isn’t about that brainwashed halfwit, this is about Glee, so how does it measure up with the original? Is Glee really worth all the hype?

Oh dear. This can only be described as over cheesy karaoke. Now, as you should well know by now, I love cheese, I really cannot stress that enough, but this is too cheesy! It’s just bad in every possible way, and it really grates even on first listen. The video also completely mimics High School Musical’s ‘Breaking Free’ with the Glee Cast performing to an empty hall. There’s a very good reason that it’s empty; they don’t want to hear you murder a classic.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just in the show, or even on the soundtrack, but the fact that they saw fit to release this as a single is appalling. The worst thing is that it has only been released for the sole purpose of making Ryan Murphy a ridiculous amount of money. Everyone is obsessed with two things at the moment; Don’t Stop Believin’ and Glee. Put the two together and what have you got?

To be honest I’m ridiculously amazed that this is not a Disney project (and I still can’t quite believe it). It has Disney written all over it (that is the money-grabbing Disney we know of these days, as opposed to the Disney that created the magic of our childhood’s). If this is the only version of the song which you have heard, maybe it’s bearable, (and that is entirely down to the song!) but in comparison to Journey’s original version, it is like winning tickets to see Bon Jovi, but ending up with Jedward; a downright travesty!


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Owl City, American synthpop project by Adam Young, who describes his sound as a blend of electronica and emo-pop has been recording since 2007 and released his debut album ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ in December 2008. So why is it that only now Owl City has been noticed in the public eye? And is Fireflies really worth all this hullaballoo?

On the face of it, this song doesn’t seem too different to, say, Plain White T’s or Snow Patrol. Originally I thought of it as slightly generic, but when you think about it, there hasn’t been a great deal of songs like this in the charts lately. The charts are currently filled with R&B and Dance  tracks, which is great for R&B and Dance lovers, but I miss the diversity in the charts.

Owl City is bringing back a bit of diversity to the R&B ridden charts. ‘Fireflies’ had grown on me massively already by the second listen, and now I’d be tempted to say that it’s on a par with ‘Just Say Yes’, with similar techno-pop sounds at the beginning leading into a belter of a chorus which could almost be likened to Gary Go or more recent Take That songs. Suddenly I understand what all the hullabaloo has been about!

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but there is something about ‘Fireflies’ which makes it different, it evokes emotion, whilst being catchy, and doesn’t become annoying even if you’ve had it in your head all day (which really is something!). You all seem to agree, as it is currently number one in the singles chart. For once, I’m with the crowd on this one!


Fireflies is available to download from iTunes and is released physically (in the UK) 22nd February.

Owl City’s second album Ocean Eyes will be released in the UK 1st March.

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As it would appear that this year’s Brit Awards have snubbed the Best Live Act award for this year, I thought I’d let my wonderful readers decide! so, as follows are the nominations for Best Live Act Of 2009:

Results will be announced 16th Febraury.

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