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Last Sunday I went to Meridian Park in Cleethorpes to see The Feeling. They were supported by two local bands; Just: and Supernormals. Here’s what I thought:

Just: kicked off a terrific show with ‘Think About It’ then went into my personal favorite song of their set ‘Sleepless Nights’.

However, the highlight of the set for me had to be the mashup of ‘Dirty Diana’ and ‘Poker Face’ which really got the crowd going.

They played a fantastic set and you could really tell that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Their style could be compared to Coldplay or The Enemy and they even reminded me slightly of Kings Of Leon at one point.

Next up were Supernormals (previously known as The Huskies) who got everyone dancing with their set. Their style could be described as a cross between Alphabeat and Lady Gaga, with some very 80’s style pop/dance tracks.

I found that both bands styles complimented The Feeling in different ways; with Just:’s indie/rock style and Supernormals’ more 80’s pop.

The Feeling launched into their set with ‘I Thought It Was Over’ which instantly got the crowd going. Following that up with classic crowd pleaser ‘Fill My Little World’, you can tell instantly that the The Feeling really know how to put on a show!

They played two of the new songs previewed at The Water Rats shows, the first of which was ‘Seven Years’. This was well received from the audience and again had everyone dancing (and those of us who knew the words singing!) And it was great for me to hear how the song has developed, with a few new lyrics!

The second of the new songs played was ‘Set My World On Fire’. I can still safely say that I love this song more every time I hear it! Both songs seem set to be singles for the next album.

They then treated us to ‘Helicopter’ which fans were very pleased to see, and a heartfelt performance of ‘Rosé’, a song which is very close to my heart.

They finished their set, as ever, with crowd favorite ‘Love It When You Call’ and we gave a fond farewell to roadie Owen Denham, who came on to play a cowbell solo in the middle of the song.

After such an amazing show, the end seemed to come far too quickly! We wanted more – and more they gave us! The encore of ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’, ‘Strange’, ‘Kettle’s On’ and ‘Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ left everyone ecstatic.

It was fantastic to see ‘Kettle’s On’ again as many fans feel that it’s not played often enough, and in ‘Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ you could see that the band were having so much fun. And so were we! The Feeling really are amazing live, and they seem to get better each time I see them.

Speaking to Dan after the show, he informed me that my favorite song from The Water Rats shows, ‘Say No’ has been recorded and will definitely be on the album.

Pictures from the show are now up on the facebook page.

If you want to check out any of the bands in this article, here are the facebook pages of Just:, Supernormals and The Feeling.

All Pictures courtesy of Karen Heath


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For those of you who don’t know – Once In A Lifetime is a show that encapsulates the best of the 70’s, featuring Les McKeown’s Legendary Bay City Rollers, Leo Sayer, David Essex and headliners The Osmonds. I was treated to two shows on the tour, Wembley Arena and Birmingham LG Arena (N.E.C to most!) – here’s what I thought.

What a show! After the last few nights I can safely say that the spirit of the 70’s is still very much alive! It was great to see so many loyal fans there, re-living their teenage years, along with a slightly younger generation of fans.

Les McKeown’s Legendary Bay City Rollers kicked off the show with ‘Summer Love Sensation’ and launched the audience right back to the 70’s, playing countless other hits including ‘Shang-a-lang’ before closing their set with ‘Bye Bye Baby’. Next up it was Leo Sayer, again with hit after hit, including ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’, ‘Moonlighting’ and ‘Thunder In My Heart’.

David Essex was next to take to the stage and despite his years, the Cockney is still oozing with charisma. He got the audience singing along to ‘Hold Me Close’ and ‘Gonna Make You A Star’, and his performance of ‘If I Could’ with audience participation, had everyone laughing.

Finally, headliners The Osmonds set the stage on fire, (not literally, thankfully! Although with Jimmy’s exploding keytar it was close!) opening their set with ‘Crazy Horses’. Over the course of the tour The Osmonds swapped their set around, playing favorites such as ‘Hold Her Tight’ and ‘Rainin” one night, while other nights Jimmy would treat the audience to a burst of ‘Volare’ which he sung on ITV’s Popstar To Opera Star.

The Birmingham show was the penultimate show of the tour and the last show in England and when The Osmonds closed the show with a heartfelt montage of ‘Are You Up There’ and ‘I Believe’ the emotion was overwhelming. I think due to this being the penultimate show, The Osmonds treated us to a longer set list than at the previous shows.

Throughout both of the shows I saw, the thing that struck me the most was the atmosphere. You could see that everyone in the arena was having an absolutely fantastic time, and the whole tour turned out to be a wonderful experience both for the fans and the artists.

All the artists were so appreciative of the fans’ support, Wayne Osmond had this to say – ‘The tour and audiences were so awesome in the UK. I loved being a part of the whole experience. Thanks for all your support!’

I also was able to conduct a short interview with both Les McKeown and Leo Sayer before the show, check it out here!

Photo’s from the shows are now up on the Facebook page.

All Pictures courtesy of Karen Heath

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