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This is a new feature I’ve decided to bring in, to celebrate brilliant new albums released each month, or to just simply remember older classics.

This month’s Album Of The Month is…

The Hoosiers – The Illusion Of Safety

‘The Illusion Of Safety’ has a clear 80’s Dance influence, but through most of the album The Hoosiers manage to maintain their original odd-pop style with most tracks keeping pop/rock undertones.

Unfortunately this is something I felt that lead single, ‘Choices’ had very little of, but this is very much made up for with the likes of ‘Bumpy Ride’ and ‘Unlikely Hero’ which both stick to the band’s roots musically but also progress forward giving the band more versatility.

One of the (many) stand-out tracks on the album for me has to be ‘Glorious’. It certainly has something of the ‘Spitting-Feathers-Factor’ (see ‘Technical Terms’) from the second the track starts it sounds epic.

Overall the album is full of catchy tracks which command you to sing along. There are a few songs (mostly towards the end of the album) which I think need a little more time to grow on you, but there certainly isn’t a bad track on the album. And you can’t deny the power of Irwin’s voice – though used in different ways I think it could easily be compared to that of Muse’s Matt Bellamy.

Many have claimed that it’s not possible for The Hoosiers to top their debut ‘The Trick To Life’ but I think ‘The Illusion Of Safety’ has certainly equalled it’s predecessor and I would highly recommend it to anyone who does not yet own it.


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