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Yes, it’s Christmas! So I thought it’s only fitting that I should make this week’s song of the week my favorite Christmas song. And it is of course…

Feels Like Christmas by The Feeling

I know that it’s not the most well-known Christmas song there is, but for me this sums up Christmas. In the recent snow we’ve been enjoying, it wasn’t the likes of Wizzard, nor Slade playing in my head, but Feels Like Christmas.

The song manages to perfectly encapsulate that feeling you get on Christmas morning, without seeming too cheesy. Not in any way that I’m suggesting that cheese is a bad thing, but I think it really is quite a feat to achieve that Christmas feeling without the cheese.

So I will leave you to enjoy this beautiful Christmas song, Merry Christmas everyone!


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So, after four years of The X Factor dominating our Christmas chart, we finally have a Christmas number one, that isn’t just the same old generic song! Even if it is 17 years old.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who helped out by buying ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine in the past week, this is a true triumph for music!

Now don’t get me wrong, originally I liked Joe McElderry, and he was by far the best in the competition. But it’s the same old stuff. Every year Simon Cowell’s X Factor ruins yet another Christmas with their quite frankly awful rehash of a ballad. And let’s be honest, Joe’s not done himself many favours recently after slamming Rage Against The Machine at every opportunity…

This is absolutely marvellous news for music, but I can’t help thinking that next year we really need to get a CHRISTMAS song to number one… 

Band Aid 2010 anyone? Click here to join the facebook group if you’re interested. It really would be amazing if we can make this happen. We beat The X Factor, surely we can do anything!

Well done once again everyone, you really have made my Christmas!

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